Compost – Improve your Soil

CompostCompost is the best  organic material to add to your soil. Composting breaks down yard waste, food waste and wood scraps into a crumbly soil-like material called humus.

Compost is usually clean, easy to use, and available. It can be purchased by the bag or you also can make your own compost.

Make your own: A good pile has a combination of brown and green plant matter, and moisture to keep the good bacteria. Shredded newspaper, wood chips and dry leaves are ideal for the brown elements; kitchen waste and grass clippings are perfect for the green.

It’s in your best interest to avoid adding meat, fish and dairy for outdoor compost bins because they will attract rodents and dogs.

If you’re using a simple container, start by adding small branches or woody stems on the bottom for good airflow then begin to layer alternating green and brown plant matter to keep a good moisture balance and create air pockets.

To jump start the process fold in a couple shovelfuls of organic matter rich garden soil.

The maintenance required for a compost pile is as simple as regularly adding material to feed the good bacteria. Every week or two stir up the compost to blend everything through and physically feel the composts moisture content. Too little moisture will slow down decomposition but to much will result in a slimy consistency not suitable for your garden.

After a few months, it should be a dark, crumbly soil that smells like fresh earth. Go ahead and feed your garden!


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