Planting Perennials

Spring time is the preferable time to plant perennials as all the conditions they love are present; warm sunshine, warming soil, longer days, moist ground and lots of rain.

Perennials      Proper handling of perennials will secure a healthy plant:

  • Don’t be rough with the plant
  • If the roots are a tangled lump from purchase, don’t just stick them in the ground that way. It’s best to tease them apart a bit or score the sides of the clumped roots with a knife. Both will allow the plant to take proper root and inspire new root growth.
  • To the surprise of some novices, it’s best not to plant your perennials in water drenched ground or soak them in water after planting. A moderate splash of water is a needed drink but too much results in the plant drowning and rotting.

Getting Started

Harden the plants:

  • Much like when bringing home a new pet goldfish, the staff at the aquarium will tell you a key piece of information that applies to plants as well. Do not just dump the fish in the the goldfish bowl the moment you get home. Let the fish get used to the new climate first. The same thing goes for planting. The climate and conditions between the nursery and your home varies significantly. It’s best to let new plants adjust to outdoor life for a few days by just sitting them in a pot in the area where you plant them. Start off by leaving them outdoors for just a few hours and then increase the outdoor time daily. You may cover them with a page from a newspaper to shield them from the intensity of the sun and wind.
  • Do the planing on a cool, cloudy or damp day or do it very late in the afternoon.

  • Choose a good soil and create a basin of soil or mulch around each plant, then give them a good watering.

  • After they’re all planted, apply a coat of mulch to the bed for insulation.

Message from Timbers

We encourage everyone to use some of our tips and let us know how it worked for you. If you need more detail or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, if you lack the time to do the work yourself, drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll give you a hand with the project of your choice at a fair price as always!


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