Top 10 Flowers To Plant

A compiled list of favorites and tips for the top 10 flowers all gardeners should have.  Let us know what you think.

  1. Sunflowers: Easy plants for kids to grow and some species can grow up to 14 feet tall. They can be sowed directly into the ground (or planter for smaller sunflower varieties). Ensure a sunny yet sheltered area and be prepared to support the stems for tall varieties so they don’t fall over.

2. Sweet Peas: Requiring only a sunny spot, a supportive fence or wall, and lots of water is all that you need to enjoy their lovely fragrance. Don’t be afraid to pick the flowers and create your own home grown cut flower arrangements because with Sweet Peas the more you pick them the more flowers they produce. Just watch for slugs and snails as they very much enjoy the young shoots.

3. Fushcias: These plants are great as patio plants and fantastic for hanging baskets. To encourage full bushy growth pinch the tips of each stem while they are young.

4. Pansies: A classic favorite, easy to grow from seeds or seedlings, remember to deadhead the faded flowers to encourage more growth.

5. Marigold: Another fast growing plant great for impatient kids. With varying options from tall to small varieties they can be planted around the boarder or in planters. They do well in sunny spots.

6. Hardy Geranium (Cranesbill): These low maintenance, hardy plants are reliable and have self setting seeds. Good for ground cover that will wander through the borders yearly.

7. Nigella (Love In A Mist): One of the easiest to grow by just scattering the seed on a patch of bare soil and letting it  do the rest. Despite the delicate look of the flower they are hardier than it seems. As the flowers die off they set the seed for the following year. Very convenient.

8. Aquilegia: Another convenient plant that sets the seed for the following year. The only difference is that with this one its best to start these plants in small pots for transplanting later. Once they are acclimatized and established in a plot of land they will set seeds and keep coming back year after year. They are tolerant of most conditions, sunny or semi, but as with all gardens, it doesn’t hurt to watch them and assess their needs and frequency of such.

9. Eschscholzia (Californian Poppy): This is a good plant for those who are often forgetful when it comes to watering plants. These hardy annuals thrive in dry soil and full sun making them perfect for filling in patches not suitable for other flowers. Scatter them on the bare soil and they will do the rest. Also, they will set seed on their own and continue to come back each summer.

10. Nasturtium: These fast growing plants are perfect for impatient children to experiment with in the yard or in planters. Sow them in borders as ground cover or let them spill out of containers. Their flowers are edible so you can use them in salads or as a garnish.

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