10 Reasons To Hire A Property Maintenance Service

Is a property maintenance service necessary or is it just a luxury…Here we list the the top 10 reasons of why every home owner needs a gardener.

  1. Stress Free Enjoyment

Maintaining a garden and yard takes a lot of commitment and even the smallest of gardens or yards can take several hours of outdoor labour on a weekly basis to keep it healthy and looking great. To hire a gardener/property maintenance company relieves you of this responsibility and allows you the time for other matters of importance and the simple opportunity to just enjoy your home as everyone should.

Even those who enjoy gardening themselves will benefit from the bulk of the hard work to be taken care of, so your hobby can remain just that, and not become a tedious and strenuous chore.

Consider purchasing a gardening/property maintenance package as a gift for a friend or a loved one. Definitely, a more personal gift than your average gift card.

  1. Appearance and Property Values

A well-kept garden with healthy plants, pruned shurbs/trees and neatly mowed lawns enhance the appearance of your home and translate to a good impression on visitors. Upon sale of your home, remember that purchasers look at the property as a whole, and consider the amount of work they would have to put into it to get it looking sharp. A neglected yard can hurt your property value and the potential profit you can make off the sale of your home.

  1. Equipment and Maintenance

If you believe that paying a hundred or so dollars per month for weekly property maintenance is too much, along with all the other mentioned reasons for hiring a gardening service, consider the following:

Average price for a Lawn Mower: $300

Replacement parts: $15 to $100

Gas to power it: Varies

Getting it serviced: Varies

Average price for a Grass Trimmer: $200 (most basic model)

Replacement parts: $15 to $100

Gas to power it: Varies

Getting it serviced: Varies

Average price for Pruning Shears (Tree or Shrub): $20 to $100 (most basic models)

Replacement parts: Varies on model

Gas to power it: Varies

Getting it serviced: Varies

Etc, etc, etc …

Even after you invest all this money into the various required equipment, you will have to continue putting money into them to power them and maintain them (sharpen blades, replace broken parts, trimmer lines etc.) Not to mention, you are the one who will have to spend hours of valuable time and risk injuries with the potentially hazardous equipment… Food for thought.

  1. Required Skills

No matter of how many hours you spend watching YouTube tutorials on how to prune and trim trees and shrubs, it will never amount to years of hands on experience and intimate guidance. Overenthusiastic pruning can cause irreparable damage to trees and shrubs. With an expert to take care of your plants and trees, they will always look great and will reach their full potential.

  1. General Maintenance

Driveways, patios, decks, and paths all require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. A property maintenance service will ensure the entire exterior property is taken care of and thereby extend the lifespan of the various materials in your external areas.

  1. All Year Round

Focus on the yards and gardens tends to be around the spring and summer months when the weather allows everyone to get outside and enjoy them. However, with a great property maintenance service all year round, you can keep on top of the maintenance of weeds, fallen leaves, debris removal, prepare plants and yards for the winter season …. And snow removal for your convenience too!

  1. Create a Kitchen Garden

When one thinks gardeners and property maintenance companies they think grass and flowers. But remember, the expertise is in flora meaning talk to your gardener about vegetables and fruits. Producing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and salads is wonderfully rewarding and you cannot get your produce any fresher or faster than direct from the soil to the table.

  1. Manicured Lawns

Despite what many first time home owners think, a neat, green lawn, free of weeds or bald patches is not at all easy to achieve. Handing this task over to a professional guarantees perfection and before you know it you will have an immaculate lawn much to the envy of your neighbours.

  1. Safety Issues

There are many tools associated with property maintenance; from chemicals to sharp blades, gardening can have its hazards. For the well being of yourself and your family, it’s a safer bet to leave this work in the hands of an experienced professional.

  1. A Complete Garden Makeover

You may decide to give your garden a complete overhaul at some point, to update and refresh your outside space. The opportunity to start from scratch is exciting and with expert input you can create your dream garden.

Timbers Property Maintenance & Snow Removal offers lawn care, gardening, general property maintenance and snow removal services. We are an authentically family owned-and-operated business local to the North York and Northern Toronto area with over 15 years experience in the industry. Our qualified, specialist yet familial approach to yard maintenance and snow removal, serving only our local community, ensures a personalized and affordable experience for both large and small residences, as well as commercial properties.

If you prefer your property maintenance professionals to take on a local and compassionate approach to the needs of your home, please contact us at your convenience by emailing info@timbersblog.com, calling (416) 827 – 8730 or filling out our online contact form. We’re always here for you.

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