Fall Clean Up…Get Ready!

We don’t want to let go of the summer as yet, but let’s be honest, we are half way through August and September, October and November are just around the corner. In no time at all you will start to see the telltale signs of Autumn; the leaves changing colours and gently falling to the ground. So, let’s take a moment and plan ahead, because maintaining your yard during the Autumn season can be strenuous and time consuming, but it is so very important in preparation for the Winter.Fall forest 1_editIt Essential To Clean Up The Fallen Leaves:

  1. Leaves left on the lawn will stop grass from getting the necessary sunlight and will result in brown patches or dead patches in the lawn.
  2. Leaves left on the lawn also deprive the turf of important oxygen.
  3. Consider 1. and 2. With the addition of moisture and you will end up with fungus issues, which can remain dormant over the Winter but come back with a vengeance in the Spring.

Other Important, Yet Often Forgotten, Tasks In A Fall Clean Up.

  1. Lawns should be cut short to prevent fungus problems.
  2. Fertilizer high in phosphorus should be applied to condition for healthy turf growth in the Spring.
  3. Remove all leaves, branches, twigs and general debris from the lawn as well as garden beds.
  4. Perennials should be dead-headed, meaning remove all dead flower heads, to promote growth in the spring.
  5. Mulch should be turned and roughed up to eliminate and avoid any mold that may be setting in.
  6. Trim and shape hedges and shrubs for a last time prior to the Winter. It will maintain a neat appearance throughout the frigid season and will also prevent snow and ice damage.
  7. Any dead wood or cross branches should be removed as they may cause pest issues with animals and insects making homes for the Winter season.

You can either put in the time, or you can put in the money to get the necessary work professionally done. Whichever you choose, rest assured that it will pay off in the end with a beautiful property ready for a lovely Christmas display, and again the benefits will be seen come the Spring, when your yard and garden wakes from its sleep.

Message from Timbers

We encourage everyone to use some of our tips and let us know how it worked for you. If you need more detail or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, if you lack the time to do the work yourself, drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll give you a hand with the project of your choice at a fair price as always!


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