Energy Infusing Outdoor Spaces

The ancient Chinese art of strategic positioning in a garden, including furniture, plants, bridges, rocks and decorations, is based on a a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi to create positive effects.

Good Feng Shui garden designs create a peaceful, quite and eco friendly clean space. As a rule of thumb, the garden itself should be be far from industrial sites and protected from main road noise and pollution as it is believed that polluted spaces destroy lucky energy, while fresh breeze and clean water attract money and improve health.  The following is a list of helpful tips to create your own backyard zen.

Feng Shui Garden Design Tips

Curved Feng Shui

Natural Protection:  Feng Shui recommends the house, backyard and garden should be protected from negative environmental impacts. There needs to be a natural barrier put in place for protection and privacy as well as to reduce noise, wind and air pollution. In ancient times they built their villages in the valleys of mountains and their farms prospered because of the natural barriers which protect from strong winds and enemies. This has resulted in a modern attempt to simulate the same. This design element should help create a sense of security and comfort. Large rocks, stone walls, and rock gardens are stunning and modern. Mixed with trees and bushes can be be used as an attractive and function natural barrier for your garden and home.

flora lined path

Qi – Energy Flow/Life Force:  Good Feng Shui designs create open spaces with shrubs and small plants/flowers that allow free flowing of the life force. It is important to not plant any large trees too close to the front door of your house because the tree will absorb the approaching good energy and take it into its roots rather than allowing it to flow freely in and around your property. With that said, trees around the perimeter of the property make a fantastic Feng Shui natural barrier or fence. Broken up with various sized shrubs and rocks, the look gives your property a clean yet organic feel. Paths and garden designs should avoid sharp corners and straight edges. Curved, smooth flowing pathways, lined with low lying shrubs or plants enhance the sensation of peace and energizing health.

small ornamental water fountains

Water The Symbol Of Wealth:  “the mountain is behind and the water is in front” is another key principle of good Feng Shui. The water elements attracts chi energy that brings money into your home and water is the symbol of wealth. A swimming pool, pond, waterfall or fountain with rocks and grasses is necessary to a Feng Shui Garden design.

sloped yard to gravel stairs

The Three Elements of Feng Shui Garden Design:  Water, rocks and plants are the simple and decorative elements of Feng Shui garden design. We can not all afford a swimming pool or the construction of a pond. However, a small independent unit water fountain can still create the desired aesthetic appearance while providing the necessary free flowing water Feng Shui recommends.   A simple yet creative rock garden, can act as an artificial barrier reflecting negative energy. In combination with colourful and aromatic plants and flowers, planted in accordance with the Bagua color theory will create a balanced design and add harmony and beauty to your properties landscape. If you have a preference towards greenery rather than colourful flowers Feng Shui practitioners suggest the use of breaks of white flowers to add a touch of fresh light color to help balance and lighten the monochromatic green garden design.

sloped yard to stairs

Proportions:  An obvious key feature when reviewing any Feng Shui influenced design is proportions. Again,  the idea is to encourage energy flow which can be imagined as air flow. An over abundance of large trees and other large suffocating structure can block the energy flow and detract from the over all health of the garden and its life.  Breaking up the yard landscape by planting trees and shrubs with slight variations in heights will allow the energy to move more freely and also be more interesting and pleasing to the eye.

Decor Patio

Decorations:  Beyond the static landscape of the yard, decorations can be the particularly personal touch and will be of your choice to create a comfortable, inviting and relaxing space. Consider though that the sound of murmuring water soothes and calms, and bamboo chimes evoke pleasant memories and relaxation. Similar items that decorate but still have a functional property to the space will be appreciated  by your family and guests.

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