Winter In The GTA

Facts and Predictions About Winter in The GTA

Snowflake 2

Average Snowfall:   115.4cm

Snowiest Days On Record:  On January 13, 1999, the Canadian Forces to assist with snow removal and clearing streets. Within twelve days, the downtown Toronto weather station recorded an average season’s worth of 118.4 cm (46.6 in) of snow, much of it lake effect from Lake Ontario.Snowflake 1

March 1870, remains the snowiest on average with 158.5 cm (62.4 in) of snow in total, of which 89 cm (35.0 in) fell over a 5-day span.


CCold Thermometeroldest Day On Record: January 4th, 1981 at -31.3C, coldest windchill recorded was −44.7 °C on the same day

No Snow? : March 2010 recorded no measurable snow, the first such occurrence in any March since 1946, this was followed by the warmest April ever on record.

So, What Are We To Expect This Winter 2015/16?

No one can ever be certain, not even the weather man. Mother nature can not be tamed, predicted with certainty or negotiated with. However, following records and trends, the Almanac offers the following prediction regarding winter 2015/16.

“Winter will be colder than normal, with near- to slightly below-normal precipitation and below-normal snowfall. The coldest period will be from late December through early February. The snowiest periods will be in mid-November, early December, early and late January, mid-February, and mid-March.”

Cold fella

Get your mitts and parkas ready!

Message from Timbers

Some years are snowier than others. But one fact for sure is that there has never been a winter recorded when it did not snow at all and it was not cold. We urge you to start preparing. See our Snow Removal page for prices an don’t hesitate to  drop us a line or give us a call for more information. Don’t find yourself stuck in a blizzard, when there are options available to give you peace of mind.


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