What Your Favorite Season Says About You

Being in an outdoor based labour industry, we see the seasons change as if by time laps camera. The seasons depict the needs of our customers and the work we do. To be in this type of industry, you generally have to love each and every season equally or else you’re in a pickle! Never the less, we all have a favorite. A lengthy and thorough review of various articles and exploratory literature on very basic psychology and data has outlined some very interesting ideas on what your preference of season says about you! Though it may be hard for me to accept that there may ACTUALLY be people out there who prefer the winter over all other seasons, apparently they really do exist! Have a look below at what our research has concluded and let us know how it applies to you.

SUMMER:   If you are a summer person you are very likely to be more of a free spirit type who is comfortable in your skin and have a very sunny personality with the ability to light up a room. Over all bubbly and energetic but you’re also a bit of an opportunist!

FALL:           If you prefer the fall, you are likely to be a traditionalist and a social butterfly especially at family gatherings. You’re known for being loyal, creative and pleasant and are equally as happy to veg out on the sofa with a Netflix binge as you are going to an outrageous Halloween party. You embrace who you are and are unapologetic of your held opinions which are many and non-debatable.

WINTER:     People who prefer the winter tend to be very whimsical in observation. Somehow they are able to see the beauty even in the coldest, darkest and shortest days. But all that is very much internalized. Winter people tend to be more reserved and less outwardly emotional. Not necessarily “cold” people, very friendly for sure, but definitely consider only a very select and exclusive group of friends as the VIP and are critical of new comers. Despite the possibly perceived stand off-ish personality (untrue as it may be), the reality is the generosity of winter lovers in undeniable and although it may be in a reserved fashion, they will do anything and everything for their family and VIP.

SPRING:      A preference for the spring season depicts a personality that is a go-getter and does not shy away from work or obstacles. Admirers of spring tend to be natural born leaders who believe in setting goals and achieving them in a structured and practical way. Furthering the idea of natural born leader, if you prefer spring above all other seasons you are innovative, creative and easygoing – and very very romantic behind closed doors!

Reminder from Timbers

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