Handy Spring Clean Checklist

Spring Rake and Clean  We often think of our closets when the term Spring Cleaning is mentioned. Certainly, indoor cleaning is important, but have you considered the importance of outdoor cleaning? Would you like a way to make sure you don’t waste your time this summer yanking at weeds and envying the luscious green grass of your neighbor?

Follow these Spring Clean Up steps, or call us to do it for you … see the difference and ENJOY your summer!


  • Sweep and rake all debris off patios, walkways, yard and gardens. Extra trash, leaves or debris in the yard or garden beds can promote fungus growth, lack of growth and therefore a prime spot for weeds to grow.
  • Any plants you know that will not grow back (or are not healthy enough to bounce back) should be removed. They take up space, syphon nutrients (if not completely dead), and can also contribute to weed growth.
  1. PRUNE
  • If you did a Fall clean up before the winter, then you would have pruned your shrubs, hedges and trees that should therefore be ready to bounce back on their own. However, snow and ice can cause some damages, so make sure to do an once over of all the plants and remove anything dead or damaged. Trees are most affected by ice and heavy snow, so for the safety of your family and guests, make sure to remove any compromised branches or twigs.
  1. MOW
  • Even if the grass is not overly long; to promote healthy growth you should do a preliminary cut of the existing grass to cut off the dead tops.
  • Often times, over the winter, soil can become compacted which poses problems with nutrient filtration and water permeation to grass roots, making for thinned out and unhealthy grass…this then gives room for weeds. Aerating pulls plugs out of the ground, allows for water, air and nutrients to filter through, and essentially ‘fluffs’ up the yard.
  • Find all the dead or spars patches of grass and apply a layer of seed and soil over top. Make sure to water. This is also something particularly good to do over all after aeration as it will allow for a denser lawn, which means weeds will not have space to grow.
  • Fertilizer is food. Your yard and gardens are hungry after the winter. Feed them. It’s as simple as that. Food is energy and necessity for health and growth, as with people same for plants. The healthier your grass and gardens are the denser they will be. Remember, weeds need space to take over, don’t give them the room; squeeze them out by not letting them set up shop on your property to begin with!




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