Salt Stain Removal Solution

Spring is here again and all we have left of the winter is salt stained – everything.

Surprisingly, and regretfully, many choose to either toss away their salt stained items or just shrug and tuck it all away until next  winter.

Salt stained womens boots

You really don’t have to throw anything away and neither do you have to just put up with it. There is a solution for salt stains and a really simple one at that.  It’s no industry secret, although there are many manufactured products for sale.  But you really don’t need to waste the time or money.


Now then, prepare yourself for the reveal of this magical salt stain removal potion.  *rolls eyes*

Here we go …

vinegar and water potion

Yes that’s it.

Recipe for Salt Stain Removal Solution

Half water, half vinegar in a bowl or bucket (depending on how large the item is that needs to be cleaned) and apply or dab with a saturated sponge, soft bristle brush or cloth – that’s it, that’s all.

Salt stained car interior

The solution can be applied to all shoes, clothing, and especially the interior of your car, floors or carpets etc. So simple.  It’s actually advisable to do this on a routine schedule throughout the winter to ensure the life of all normally affected items. But if you’d rather, just incorporate it into your normal spring cleaning schedule.


Leather, being a natural breathing material, can be hit quite hard by salt. If you have ever exposed your bare hands to road salt and felt the burn after a while you would have an idea of what happens to your leather boots or coat.

Again there are many products that can be purchased at a variety of stores – however there is a cheaper option!

Recipe For Leather Conditioner

  • ½ cup of warm water
  • 1 tablespoon of baby soap (e.g Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash)
  • 3 drops of white vinegar

For added shine and protection soak a soft cloth in olive oil and rub it into the leather in small circular motions.


That’s all.


Rejoice Winter Is Over!


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