About Us

Whether it be a stroke of luck or divine intervention the Timbers Property Maintenance & Snow Removal team was always meant to be. After all these years of its existence, our loyal customers and helpful colleagues keep us going.

Our story starts with the owner and head of the family, Jeff Timbers, who spent his entire early working life employed by other property maintenance and landscape companies. It is all he has ever done, and all that he knows. It is his art. Always deemed the hardest working, the most reliable and honest, loved by all and clearly proficient in his field – decades later, despite running his own business, his old employers from the many moons ago remain his friends and colleagues. If there were ever a sign of a more genuine personality, the admiration he receives from industry colleagues and clients alike, would be it.

If anyone knows the importance of hard work, creativity, administrative responsibility and over all a strong support system – it would be his wife Anna. It had been what seemed like a lifetime spent in administrative management, particularly her work as Office Manager at a national gardening franchise and also at a property management company serving over 50 condominium corporations. But it was that experience and knowledge that propelled her to partner with Jeff in creating Timbers Property Maintenance & Snow Removal to bring to fruition their visions on what a real landscape maintenance company should offer by way of customer service, affordability and compassion.

Camera shy ??

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree they say. After summers spent at the gym and naturally being built tall and sturdy, our son Mike puts in the hard and sometimes heavy work necessary to keep our customers property Show Home ready at all times. Learning from the best mentors in Jeff and our other industry colleagues, Mike shows a natural knack and urge for perfection as he works.

Our 6yr old Doberman Pincher is a failed guard dog. Any dog that brings strangers toys and is an absolute suck will never make it in the field of protection. Instead, he keeps us all sane and brings a smile to the faces of some of our more vulnerable customers on the odd occasion he comes out with us.

In keeping our service area local we save time on travel and are thoroughly mindful of our own communities needs. We are able to allocate as much time as needed per property to ensure a thorough job is done and to assist our customers further with anything they may need at the time. But during times of a tough season or a big project where assistance is needed – We have great appreciation for the assistance provided by our industry colleagues and hired hands. We all help each other around here and it’s a beautiful thing. Many great and experienced minds working together.

What People Say

Our driveway was cleared well. We appreciate your good work. North York, ON..


Great customer service and sincere efforts to make us happy. Toronto, ON.

Anya Timishenko

Thank you to Timbers for doing such a great job! Our lawn has never looked better. Jeff and Anna are a pleasure to work with..

Jared R.

Let’s work together.

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