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Salt Stain Removal Solution

Remedy post winter salt stains naturally and easily, and avoid the trash.


Burnt Grass – Irrigation, Sprinklers …WATER!

Little rain and less forecasted in the near future. Grass is burning. Here's what you do!

How To Choose A Lawn Care Provider

Choosing the right fit for your lawn and yourself is easier than you think.

Handy Spring Clean Checklist

A handy checklist to get your yard and gardens ready for summer enjoyment!

Snow Removal Apps Review

If you keep up with news and blogs you will know about the several snow removal service, Uber like, apps that are popping up this year. Before you jump on board, there are a few things you must consider. Are these apps really cost effective, convenient and efficient, better than a seasonal contract? Or is … Continue reading Snow Removal Apps Review

Where is Winter?!

My fellow Canadians and specifically Torontonians (urban and suburban), it is December 24th, 2015 (Christmas Eve) and barely a snowflake has hit the pavement. This is my backyard today. Does yours look the same? Are you tired of the mucky decomposing leaves and bare naked trees? Are your children staring longingly at their toboggans/sleds, thinking … Continue reading Where is Winter?!

Winter Driving Tips

Tips and tricks for driving in winter.

Winterizing Pets

Don't forget that winter is tough on our furry friends too.

What Your Favorite Season Says About You

Being in an outdoor based labour industry, we see the seasons change as if by time laps camera. The seasons depict the needs of our customers and the work we do. To be in this type of industry, you generally have to love each and every season equally or else you’re in a pickle! Never … Continue reading What Your Favorite Season Says About You

Winter In The GTA

Facts and Predictions About Winter in The GTA Average Snowfall:   115.4cm Snowiest Days On Record:  On January 13, 1999, the Canadian Forces to assist with snow removal and clearing streets. Within twelve days, the downtown Toronto weather station recorded an average season's worth of 118.4 cm (46.6 in) of snow, much of it lake effect from Lake … Continue reading Winter In The GTA

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