Pet Care In The Winter

Winter takes a toll on everyone, and although your dog may enjoy the snow and you may enjoy watching him/her leaping through the heaps of fluffy white, it’s always best to remember that even Huskies and Samoyeds, although better suited for the season, need your help and intervention to ensure a healthy and happy Winter.

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What Your Favorite Season Says About You

Being in an outdoor based labour industry, we see the seasons change as if by time laps camera. The seasons depict the needs of our customers and the work we do. To be in this type of industry, you generally have to love each and every season equally or else you’re in a pickle! Never the less, we all have a favorite. A lengthy and thorough review of various articles and exploratory literature on very basic psychology and data has outlined some very interesting ideas on what your preference of season says about you! Though it may be hard for me to accept that there may ACTUALLY be people out there who prefer the winter over all other seasons, apparently they really do exist! Have a look below at what our research has concluded and let us know how it applies to you.

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Winter In The GTA

Facts and Predictions About Winter in The GTA

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Toronto Yard and Fence Bylaws

Some Bylaws To Know For Toronto Home Owners

The City of Toronto has many bylaws for home owners to be aware of and the following link is a great reference:

Toronto Property Standards – Bylaws

With that said, in this blog I will highlight just couple that are relevant in respect to some previous posts, mainly those on lawns and fences.

What Are The Standards For Grass, Weeds And Gardens?

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Why Hire A Snow Removal Service

Effort & Time vs Cost

When considering hiring a snow removal service, you should review the positives and the negatives. Depending on your budget, cost may be the largest factor as to why you have not considered hiring a service in the past. But cost does is not always calculated in dollars:

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