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Front Door Spruce Up:

Put a fresh coat of cheery paint on your front door. There is an App called Front Door Paint that will actually help you in selecting a colour. Look it up on iTunes. Cheaper still, yet just as effective is just to give the front door a good washing. You would be surprised of the impact the elements outdoors have on a homes exterior!  (Time required: 20min)

Suggestion: Try painting the trim and moulding to match for an extra chic look.

lightingExterior Hardware Renewed:

A good wash and some spray paint on exterior hardware like door knobs will make them look like new. Try using a colour a matte charcoal spray paint to give them a cast iron look (Time required: 15min per piece of hardware)

Concrete Entryway Glam:

Installation of slate tile on a concrete entry way will add a sense of depth and class for the visitors to your home. (Time required: 3hrs but dependent on the size of the front entry)

Alternatively, you can make faux tiles with a role of masking tape and and concrete stain. (Time required: 2-3hours. Measuring when taping off the design can take a bit of time)

Hanging PlantsHanging Plants Bonus:

Hanging plants on the outer most edges of your porch add a freshness to the look of your home. Be sure to select hanging plants that work well in accordance to the type of sun exposure the area gets. Bonus about properly hung outdoor plants, the rain will take care of them for you! (Reminder: With any outdoor plants always be sure be mindful of overnight frost and week long droughts)

plant potFront Porch Planters Tip:

Tall planters are most attractive for front porch. However these tall 3″ to 4″ tall pots can be quite expensive (average $50 to $100) and take double the amount of soil, water, fertilizer etc. Solution? Two medium sized pots (average $5 to $10) glued bottom to bottom will cut ALL costs in half and still give you the pillar like presentation.

Note: Make sure the glue you use is compatible with the material the pot is made of (plastic, terracotta etc) and is not water soluble.

Garage Door Statements:

Use a wood stain on your aluminum garage door for a rustic feel. Use it it your front door and trim to bring a bit of the woods to the city!

VineLow Maintenance Organic Accessory:

Consider planting some climbing vines around key parts of your house and watch them grow and climb up the outside walls. It takes time and patience and a good coverage won’t happen over night. But considering all you have to do is plant them and let them do what they do best, it’s worth the wait.

BoxesCamouflage Electrical Boxes and Meters:

If you’re planning to give your house a fresh coat of paint, keep in mind that the unattractive grey electrical meters could be hidden if you paint them to match. Even if you’re not repainting your whole house, grab a can of paint to match the exterior colour and put a coat on those meters and pipes. Just make sure everything of importance is still readable, otherwise, don’t let them take away from your home.

Hide the AC Unit:

As much as we love our AC units they are a massive eyesore no less. Two ways to keep them out of site are 1. put pretty white lattice fencing around it. The same height as the unit or a touch taller. Make sure to set it a foot or more back to make sure that there is proper ventilation or so a tech can access it if it requires servicing…Or 2. plant a few short shurbs or trees around it.  Out of sight out of mind!

Steps, Stoops and Paths:

If you don’t have a pressure washer, they’re cheap enough to rent for a day. As mentioned before, it’s incredible the discolouration and grime the elements inflict on the exterior of your property.

Trees and Flowers:

Create a nice flower bed around the base of your tree(s) for a fantastic pop of colour that will add whimsy to your home.

Flower Beds:

Add some nice brick edging around your beds (1″ – 2″ thick bricks). This will not only protect them from the mover and trimmer but it will keep the contents of your beds, in the beds.


There is little less attractive than walkways and interlock with awful weeds pushing through the seams. This not only slowly destroys the levelness of the path or walkway but it’s simply unattractive. Although it’s best to hire a professional to do some proper treatments on your property (organic options are available), however for spot treatments a simple spray bottle with some vinegar will get rid of the ones between the concrete. Be sure to do the vinegar applications on warm and sunny days with minimal wind.  Within a few hours you will see the weed turn brown and therefore dead. All that is left is to pull it out and forget about it…until the next one pops up elsewhere…

Message from Timbers

We encourage everyone to use some of our tips and let us know how it worked for you. If you need more detail or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, if you lack the time to do the work yourself, drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll give you a hand with the project of your choice at a fair price as always!

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