Dear customer and neighbours,

As some of you know Anna, our Office Manager, is Ukrainian. Her entire family is currently in Ukraine as the Russian military is violently advancing further and further into all the major cities and towns.

She loathes politics and blames neither nation, as she firmly believes citizens of the world are mere pawns of their governments. We are all innocent in the end.

Her only concern is the safety of her family.

Her cousins and other family members are young and strong. They are able to navigate their way through this disaster and find safety where they can. However, right now Anna’s 92 year old grandmother is trapped in her old Soviet style apartment in Kyiv. She is too old and frail to be able to evacuate. She would not make the battle through the masses to get to the train to Poland, neither would she survive the three-day trip – and even if she miraculously did, a flight from Poland to Anna’s arms in Canada would be too dangerous with her frail state and ill health.

This brave woman named Vera survived WW2, Stalin and the fall of the Soviet Union. Let’s pray this conflict will be just another notch on her belt of achievements.

All Anna can do at the moment is to try make arrangements making sure her grandmother is taken care of as best as possible.  The bread factory is operational the last they spoke, but all the store shelves are empty. It is unknown how much longer electricity, fresh water supply and phone service will be available in Kyiv, Ukraine.

It’s chaos with the sounds of bombs and gunfire ricocheting off the concrete Soviet buildings.

While there are international organizations collecting donations for the refugees they are mainly for those who have already fled the country to bordering nations. There are many people, particularly the vulnerable elderly citizens who have been left behind to fend for themselves, as few people are willing to enter combat zones to take care of them.

We at Timbers have decided to sponsor one of the vulnerable elderly citizens in Kyiv, Ukraine. The elderly, 92 year old woman named Vera. A Ukrainian grandmother, who has seen history unfold before her for almost a century, and who gave us the gift of Anna for our team.

We ask for your assistance in our efforts to maintain Vera’s safety and try to avoid her suffering by providing any donation amount you can. Good deeds add up, and we’ll all rest better knowing we at least tried.

May the war end soon, may few lives be lost, may the terror be forgotten and peace return to our world and our hearts.

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The purpose of the donations are simple and essential, clearly defined below.

In case evacuation is not possible:

  • Purchase the food, water, medication and personal needs an elderly woman in her 90’s needs
  • Pay on the ground agents and volunteers to do deliveries of necessities and conduct regular wellness checks
  • Pay any remaining doctors, nurses or medics to conduct necessary medical procedures

In case evacuation is possible:

  • Pay for a personal driver, direct route to Poland or one of the other generous bordering nations
  • Pay for the plane ticket
  • Pay for health insurance
  • Pay to replace all the personal belongings she left behind
  • Pay for either a placement at a seniors residence or nurse to tend to her medical needs


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