Pricing Transparency and How To Save

Dear customers,

At Timbers Property Maintenance and Snow Removal we have always made it our priority to provide the best service at the most affordable price for our local community. We continue to strive to provide exactly that.

As you know the world is currently a bit of a mess, moving on from Covid while a war in Eastern Europe rages. The past three years in addition to the current situation in the East has caused the cost of energy to soar to never before seen heights. Remain hopeful however, as with all things in life, the pendulum always swings the other direction eventually and life does normalize again. This is a trend that has been seen throughout the history of humanity on Earth.

In the meantime, whereas our dear customers can work from home, carpool or occasionally utilize public transport to cut down on their fuel costs, those in the Trades, industries like ours, do not have that option. The infrastructure is simply not there to help us substitute the need for fuel. The trucks we use, the mowers, blowers, and all other commercial equipment necessary to do the job, require fuel to function – and there are no commercial alternatives available.

As of result of this tough time, much like our associates in the industry, we are raising our prices for the season to accommodate for the high fuel costs. Although the national reports and forecasts are looking at energy cost increases of over 40% we will not go that far with our own customers.

In an attempt to protect our community, we will only be increasing our prices by approximately 20%.

Despite the increase, there is still opportunity to save money and help each other.

Below is a list of the discounts and sales you should try and utilize to save money this year, as well as details about the discount for full transparency on how it helps us both.

*Seniors Discount

Senior Citizens in our community must be protected. By-laws require that yards be properly maintained, however this can often be difficult for seniors due to health issues. They require the employment of a yard care service more than most as a result, but because they are often living on a pension or fixed income it can be a bit on a pinch on the monthly budgeting.

If you are a senior citizen or disable, please let us know when requesting a quote for services so that we can apply the 10% Seniors Discount to the documents.

*Referral Discount

If you can get a neighbour on your street to sign up with you for yard care services, both of you are eligible to receive the 10% Referral Discount. The savings are great for you, but likewise for us. Less driving around means we save on fuel. It’s a win-win situation for you, your neighbours and us.

**Full Year Special Package

Sign up for full service property maintenance starting in Spring 2022 and enjoy a carefree year at a budget friendly price!

Service Included:

  • Spring Clean Up
  • Weekly grass cutting
  • Weekly Line trimming
  • Light debris clean up and removal
  • Flower bed maintenance & edging
  • Small shrub/hedge maintenance
  • Complimentary bagging of debris as needed
  • Fall Clean Up
  • Snow removal off driveway and walkway, including steps to front door. *This is an unlimited 24/7 service spanning the full length of the winter.

The Benefits:

The Full Year Special includes the top-tier packages for a full year of property maintenance services (spring, summer, fall and winter) which is washed through a discount then neatly divided up into 12 months of equal billing.

You’ll receive not only a dependable flat rate monthly bill, but an additional $120 in savings for the year.

*The Seniors Discount and the Referral Discount can not be combined. Seniors who are also eligible for the Referral Discount would receive a 15% discount.

**No additional discounts can be applied to the Full Year Special Package as all possible discounts are already included.

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