Effects of Dog Urine and Feces on Lawns

Dog urine and feces are a frustrating problem for lawn care . Small amounts may produce a greener or more fertilized effect while larger amounts mostly result in burnt or dead patches. Usually most burn spots will recover with time, but dead areas may need reseeding or sodding.  Lets find out why and what toContinue reading “Effects of Dog Urine and Feces on Lawns”

Warning About Livestock Manure

Livestock manure can improve the nitrogen level of your soil. With that said, the diet of livestock is hay that is full of weed seeds which have the potential to germinate in your garden. Horse manure for example adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil but as it is also full of material likeContinue reading “Warning About Livestock Manure”

Improve Your Soil With Compost

Compost is the best  organic material to add to your soil. Composting breaks down yard waste, food waste and wood scraps into a crumbly soil-like material called humus. Compost is usually clean, easy to use, and available. It can be purchased by the bag or you also can make your own compost.