10 Reasons To Hire A Property Maintenance Service

Is a property maintenance service necessary or is it just a luxury…Here we list the the top 10 reasons of why every home owner needs a gardener.

Gardening and Landscape Trends

Now is a good time to review the gardening and landscape trends seen so far this year. There is still time to get on the band wagon and implement some of these ideas in your yard before the winter comes, so lets review.

When to Water Your Plants

Plants need water, this is a known fact. However, WHEN you water will make or break your garden. Under watering will dehydrate and kill your plants, over watering will drown and kill your plants… watering at the wrong times will also put your plants at risk. Here is a list of our tips for aContinue reading “When to Water Your Plants”

Seeds vs Seedlings

Those on a budget are faced with a huge decision on whether to purchase a packet of seeds (average quantity 10 to 20 seeds depending on plant) or purchase individually priced seedlings.  The following is a list of pros and cons for you to consider before making the decision.