Planter Varieties Discussed

An admiring eye is not enough to come to a conclusion regarding the selection of a specific variety of any given item . Always consider your most favoured options and then draw up a list of Pros and Cons to follow what your heart decides, with what your brain confirms is right.  For all whoContinue reading “Planter Varieties Discussed”

When to Water Your Grass

To achieve a healthy lush lawn it needs water, a well known fact. However, as with any plant life, too much or too little can be harmful. Running the sprinkler all night creates the right conditions for disease. Light but frequent watering causes the grass to grow shallow roots which will cause trouble in hotContinue reading “When to Water Your Grass”

When to Water Your Plants

Plants need water, this is a known fact. However, WHEN you water will make or break your garden. Under watering will dehydrate and kill your plants, over watering will drown and kill your plants… watering at the wrong times will also put your plants at risk. Here is a list of our tips for aContinue reading “When to Water Your Plants”